BE NICE yoga co is a fully inspired yoga studio based in the warehouse district of Regina.

We offer a diverse list of classes for every practitioner, whether you stepping on to the mat for the first time or the thousandth.


REFRESH - It’s time to flow with our breath, move slowly and mindfully and really allow that body/breath connection to deepen. REFRESH is a class you come to when you need to find your breath and connect. It’s a class that stays low to the ground, playing chill beats and allows us to come home.

CHILL - It’s time to slow things down, stretch things out and relax. CHILL is all about surrendering to the sensations in the body and learning how much growth comes from discomfort. It’s a yin style class, with long holds, juicy stretches and all the props for support.

EASE - It’s time to meditate, breathe and surrender. EASE is a class all about calming the mind, focusing fully on the breath and surrender to all that comes up in the process. It’s a slow class, with hands on healing throughout. Poses are held for longer periods to get into the deeper tissues and help release tension and stress. Learn the importance of connecting with your breath and easing your mind with this hour long relaxation.

FLOW - It's time to choose the level in which you wish to practice. FLOW is a class where you can show up as you are, work with your breath and fully honour your body. It's a class that empowers you to practice what feels best for you. FLOW is a multilevel yoga flow class for beginners to experienced where different levels of intensity can be determined by each practitioner.

SACRED - It’s time to step into your fierce grace. SACRED is a class you come to when you are ready to reclaim your feminine power through meditation, soulful flow and incredible music. This class is sure to inspire all levels of practitioners. Note: this class works with feminine energy and is open to all genders!

ENERGIZE - It’s time to wake up and start your weekend off right! ENERGIZE is a class you come to when you’re ready to move the body fully, express yourself with upbeat jams and uplifting essential oils. This class is suitable for all levels!